To whom it may concern (Haiti)

I am well into my second day here in Haiti. We are staying at the Methodist guest house here in Petit Goave and thus far have been helping to build the two bathrooms that are being added on as well as playing with the local children and whatever else God has blessed us with the opportunity to do.

I can feel the strengthening which has come from the prayers of the saints, as I know that many of you at home are praying for me. I am forever grateful for the support that has been shown to me and the prayers that have gone up on my behalf.

I have committed not to busy myself with blogging or photo taking while here seeing as how that is not the aim of my visit. However I have decided to spend some of my free time getting video footage of the things I am seeing and doing so that to whom it may concern I could make known the circumstances and situations here in Haiti. I plan on making a video blog as soon as I return home.

I trust that if you have read this far, you are one who may be concerned. So I would ask of you a few favors.

1) That you would spread the word of my blog or make it known to others to whom it may concern.

2) Let me know some things or sights you might wish for me to get on video while here.

3) Share some questions you may have. That with the help of our translator Ricardo, I could possibly ask the folks here in Haiti.

2 thoughts on “To whom it may concern (Haiti)

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  1. Trent ive been praying for you everyday…watched Pipers
    sermon from Passion Atlanta and thought of you the whole time.

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