Do not boast about tomorrow

Today has been one heck of a day. When I woke up this morning I never expected the events in which I am about to write were about to take place. I actually woke up in somewhat of a funk that I believe has developed from the 3-week vacation that I have found myself in the midst of. It has left me with plenty of free time, but with nothing to do. I actually felt as if the vacation was turning into somewhat of a waste of time. Not to say I don’t have my lazy moments, but honestly I’m just not good at sitting around with nothing to do. Believe it or not I’d rather be working.

So entering my devotions this morning I was well into this funk. Looking forward to what I expected to be just another day sitting around my house. Thinking of what in the world I could do. Then out of the blue I received a call from one of my good buddies Zeke Dorr. He is leaving for a trip to Haiti this Sunday and I figured he could give me some much-needed guidance on getting my meds for my upcoming trip to Uganda next month. Then the phone call took a turn, which has transformed this vacation into anything but a waste of time.

A verse that has pierced my soul from my devotions a few days ago and is one of my favorites from the book of Proverbs is (Prov 27:1) “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.” This of course is a verse which I always take into consideration when making any plans or setting goals. Up until a few months ago I had no idea what God intended for me to do with my life. Therefore I really had no plans or goals. But of course as God has called me to the calling, which I find my life playing out in now, I have been forced to make plans and set certain goals. But I have always tried to make them in the light of this truth, which today has given me a swift kick in the face.

The conversation turned from me asking Zeke questions about medication to Zeke asking me this question, which yes is totally random and out of left field. (But so far that has seemed to be true of the Lord’s guidance and provision in my life as well) “Hey man, you want to go to Haiti with us this Sunday?” Now don’t quote me on that, it may have been a bit different, but as far as I can remember that is exactly how the conversation turned. I was truthful with Zeke and stated that I wanted to go, but as a very logical and rational man had plenty of buts to throw in. Zeke of course left me no time for that and said he would call a guy. Thirty minutes later I found myself on the phone with his co-leader for the trip and then shortly after that headed to Abilene to get the three shots which have left my arms feeling like someone took a baseball bat to them. That’s not completely true, but they are pretty sore.

This all has left me very humbled and of course excited beyond belief. To know that the Lord is truly at work and has deemed me worthy of such service, not by my merit but by His grace alone. It never fails to overwhelm me to think of the transforming work of the gospel that has taken place in my life. If you would have came to me four years ago and told me I would be going to Haiti in a few years I would have took another drink of my beer and laughed at you. So thankful for His redeeming love which knows no limits, and that His grace was much deeper than my shame.

It has become my greatest joy to speak of the beauties of this wonderful gospel, which has transformed my life. And the Scriptures have only fanned into flame this zeal and revealed to me the worth of this message. That it is a message worthy of proclaiming to all people. (Psalm 96:3,10) “3Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples! 10Say among the nations, “The LORD reigns!” I go not to share with these people my accomplishments or to make much of myself but solely to tell them of this glorious gospel. And I seek to make that the aim of all that I do in this vapor of a life.

I guess I say all of this to tell of His marvelous works that have taken place this very day and that I pray happen as I leave for Haiti this Sunday. I would ask as well for your prayers as I leave this Sunday with only 6 days to get ready.

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring. I pray this truth was greatly magnified as you have read this.

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